intrinsically safe systems

Fully developed or existing equipment with subsequent measures to equip explosion-proof, always brings financial, technical and organizational problems. ISH knows by the beginning of the development  what is important and helps you to navigate dangerous cliffs.

      Support the certification process to obtain certification

  • consulting and training of your staff
  • development of concepts for hardware development and Ex-concepts
  • Development of intrinsically safe modules according to ATEX 100a (IEC60079-0..), FM und CSA
  • Ex-detailed design
  • examination of air and creepage distances in the layout
  • preparation of the documents for admission in various institutes (PTB, TÜV, KEMA, Demko...)
  • support the whole certification process to obtain the certification

iSOC501.ex – the modular system for intrinsically safe modules

The intrinsically safe control iSOC501.ex of ISH is the ideal base for all automation tasks in potentially explosive atmospheres in the world. Regardless of whether a PLC with Profibus-Master/-Slave or as an I/O module with Profibus slave. The components are certified to ATEX and optionally up to SIL2 in accordance with MD and extensible for custom functional additives.

The controller may be supplemented with a variety of configuration options:

  • Fiber optic connections acc. to EN60079-28 (optical intrinsic safety)
  • Profibus-FSK transmission or optional CAN Open
  • Visualization with intrinsically safe TFT display
  • Matrix-Keyboard
  • LC-Display 4 x 20 characters
  • 4 fast counter inputs or 2 encoder inputs A/B coding
  • Safe.t-Bus for decentralized I/O
  • each basic module can be connected with up to 4 I/O modules