SIS800 Safety Integration System

Connects Standard-PLC and Safety-PLC and allows mixed operation of both devices.
Due to the intelligent backplane bus for the combination of  multiple CPUs in one system, we achieve an extremely fast data exchange between the modules and a scalable performance of the overall system.

Basic system concept

  • Scalable from a low performance low cost PLC up to high end systems for motion control and robotics
  • Same form factor and interfaces for all kinds of CPUs, integrable in all kinds of carrier modules of the system
  • Single power supply concept
  • Single interfacing to the peripherals
  • Two housing concepts (flat metall case, book plastic case)


CPU types

CPU 3: Cortex A8 with up to 1 GHz clock frequency
- High End PLC for Motion Control, Robotics etc. -
depending on PLC runtime usable up to SIL2/SIL3

CPU 2: Cortex M4 with 168 MHz clock frequency
- Middleware PLC for standard application -
Second channel for safety application up to SIL3

CPU 1: Cortex M4 with 72 MHz clock frequency
- small PLC application -
local IO controller

Fieldbus processor: Flexible solutions for many
kinds of industrial communication protocols


IEC 61508-1..7:2010
DIN EN ISO 13849
DIN EN 61784-3:2010
DIN EN 61326-3-1:2008
DIN EN 61131-2:2007
DIN EN 61131-3:2003
DIN EN 61131-6:2013

MULTIPROG 5.x + SafeProg

Prepared for industry 4.0

Next Generation IEC 61131                                      
Programming System                                            

- .NET component based Development Platform                                            
- Project handling and IEC Project tree                     
- IEC Editior:                                                                
- Data Type Editor                                                        
- Variables Editor                                                      
- ST, LD, FBD                                                               
- Compiler components                                            
- Programming and debugging with Visual Studio
- and much more                                                       

Future Features Multiprog 10
with integrated Safety

- Integrated Safety Engineering
- One Surface for Standard and Safety Programming
- Easy connection of non safe and safe variables
- Easy handling of different targets for safe and non safe runtimes
- Integrated subset of safety motion control FB´s
  (according to IEC 61800-5: STO, SS1, SOS, SS2, SLS, SLP, SLA, SLD etc.)